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PDO Planetarium


PDO Planetarium


In 2000, PDO built Oman’s first ever planetarium as an annex to the Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre as a Gift to the Nation to mark the 30th anniversary of the reign of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. The Planetarium is suitable for both children and adults and teaches them about astronomy in an engaging way. It gives children the opportunity to develop their minds and foster an interest in modern science. Since its opening, more than 280,000 people have visited the attraction with about three quarters being schoolchildren.
The planetarium which was upgraded in 2012 from normal system to a Full-Dome digital system can accommodate 60 people and has a domed ceiling of 11 meters. There are several projectors that can create spectacular panoramas of space, thousands of stars as well as galaxies and comets. Lasers, videos and a sophisticated sound system combine to give the visitor a multimedia experience of the wondrous sights of the universe.
The Planetarium also organizes public stargazing parties in order to educate the interested people about the sky and the constellations. Using a powerful green laser pointer, the astronomer Sulaiman AL Busaidi helps you and your children to identify the famous constellations and their bright stars telling the mythology stories connected to them. You are strongly recommended to have a very unique experience by watching the moon, the planets and many other objects thorough the telescope. This event is held about once a month. See the time table below.
Organisation’s language - Arabic, English
Established in 2000
1 - 9 Staff members
10000+ Vistors per year

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