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Kuwait Science Club

Kuwait Science Club


Kuwait Science Club is one of the exciting places in the country that gives its people and others a chance to become a part of the wonderful world of Kuwait .

Kuwait Science Club proves Kuwait's growing interest in science and various scientific developments.

Kuwait Science Club is meant for all those with the intellectual bent of mind and others who want to sharpen their scientific skills.

Kuwait Science Club is a place that draws numerous people belonging to every age group, to their premises.

It was founded on 11th August in the year 1974.

The Kuwait Science Club is supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor of Kuwait.

The club is a completely non-profit organization. The members of Kuwait Science Club can belong to any nationality and this is not an issue at all. The Kuwait Science Club has its own Board of Directors who create the policies, plans and the aims of the club. The board is totally dedicated towards their work and ensure that all the procedures of Kuwait Science Club are properly carried out.

The Aujairy Observatory is a very popular feature of Kuwait Science Club.